#BEDA 6 – We were born into access.

This should be a quick entry since I’m currently typing while sitting on my coach to DC. It isn’t exactly a good idea for me to be typing too much as I am prone to motion sickness.

I just listened to Admiral Fallow’s “Boots Met My Face” in it’s entirety for the fiftieth time and the first thing that comes to mind, aside from Craig’s sexy brogue while he talks about linguistics, was how fortunate we are to still live in a world where digital music and live performance work together to bring music access to the masses.

Without the opportunity to download a band’s music there’s every chance I may never get to enjoy the recording experience and that may never lead me to meet the bands I love in a small show atmosphere. I blog in hypotheticals perhaps too often. I didn’t mean to confuse you.

What I’m trying to say is that even though smaller shows were even smaller ages ago, unless a band came through your town or made it big on the radio/TV there was no way you’d have ever heard of them. Even if they did go on a big tour, chances are they would only play big state fair circuits, with no opportunities for meeting the artist after the show.

To think that now we can discover music online and then have the opportunity, given an individual band’s touring schedule, to go see and possibly even talk to that band? I’m pretty sure if my dad could see the music industry now, he’d be jealous of our access.

He’d also have opinions to share on Bieber.

We’re almost in DC now, just stopped in Baltimore. I waved to my bestie Megan from the interstate.

See you tomorrow and happy blogging!

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