#BEDA 4: It would be more like The Malnourishment Olympics.

Unless you’ve spent the day under a rock you may have heard about the latest of The Hunger Games casting news.

It took me a few days after the shock of the Jennifer Lawrence casting to accept that she is definitely once of the most talented young actors of her generation and the role is in good hands. To boot, she also has experience playing a young heroine with an Appalachian accent.

But I could not deal with the reveal that came today. Josh Hutcherson, an at- best one-dimensional young actor who has shown a bit of moxie in the critically acclaimed “The Kids Are All Right” but is still known as “that kid from Bridge to Terabithia and Journey to The Center of The Earth who was almost Spiderman in the reboot” will play the blonde boy with the bread Peeta Mellark. Not only is this poor soul unqualified, but he will most likely be swallowed whole by the performance Jennifer is likely to deliver.

In the other bit of casting news that came with the day’s tweets, Liam Hemsworth, also known as “Thor’s little brother” and “Miley’s exboyfriend” will play Gale Hawthorne. Believe me when I tell you that my first reaction to this news was first: “who?” and then “shouldn’t be the other way around?”

Anyway, this got me lamenting that Alex Pettyfer is now roped into the Lorien Legacies films and pining after my dear Kaya Scodelario missing out on the role she was born to play. It also got me thinking, what if the production of this film was an all-British cast?

The obvious choices for Katniss are apparent: Emily Browning, who clearly would have chosen this over that farce “Sucker Punch” and Kaya Scodelario, the teen dream that could be both dangerous killing machine and fauxmancing huntress. Kaya would owin, if for nothing else but to bring all the Skins fans to the cinema.

Gale poses a harder question: Colin Morgan or Ed Westwick? Naysayers will disagree, saying that Westwick would have too many commitments with Gossip Girl and that Colin Morgan isn’t athletic enough. At the end of the day Colin has the acting chops to make it a hit, but Ed is a bit more brooding in the case of Gale. He looks like he could be ready. To meet anyone just outside the district gate.

Aside from Alex Pettyfer, I couldn’t think of anyone for Peeta originally. While reading the books, in my minds eye I always sort of saw him or someone who resembled him. I truly thought they would cast an unknown. For the purposes of this all-Brit cast, however, I think Max Irons would be a perfect Peeta. In fact, when my roommate and I saw him in “Red Riding Hood” we both agreed he should be considered for the role. He would of course need to blonde up a bit more, but he has the kid of sad eyes that look like he has always dreamt of only one girl and she doesn’t even know he exists. Not to mention he also has the dumb-as-a-box-hair face, which would serve to further enhance his “are we or aren’t we” girl troubles.

As for the supporting players, there are a few favorites to choose from. Mark Shephard would definitely be my President Snow. He’s just sinister enough to catch you off guard with one look but young-looking enough to seem like he’s had plastic surgery.

For Cinna, no question: it’s a battle between Paul Bettany and Jude Law. Can you think of anyone more perfectly adept at the flourish? Jude would probably take it, to get the moms in the theaters.

Unfortunately, there’s only one actor in Britwood to make Haymitch a reality, and that’s Brendan Gleeson. Sure he may be a bit old, but he’s just weathered enough to look like he’s been through a few too many losses at the HG.

Effie would have to be Sally Hawkins. She’s perky, could easily be dyed to perfection, and would look smashing in any shade of pink. Of course, she’s also a terrific talent with movies like “Made in Dagenham” and “Happy-Go-Lucky” to her credit. Plus critics LOVE her, so that would get the newspaper readers in the seats. Whatever’s left of those.

The only two cast members I think are worth mentioning here are Rue and Prim. Essentially very similar, aside from their race/ethnicity, these are the two most difficult roles to cast. Rue is a precious little girl who is also a cold blooded killer, who thinks quick on her feet, but trips herself up and loses herself in the process. My roommate suggested Lola Mae Loughlin, the adorable young actress who held her own on the series of Skins. As for Primrose Everdeen, it’s another tough one. With Lily Cole a bit too old and Dakota Blue Ricahrds a bit too tall, my roommate (the master of models) suggested Fifi Newbery, a waifish girl who not only resembles Lawrence in appearance, but actually looks as if she’s lived in District 12.

That being said, I think this makes a well rounded cast and I think you’ll agree that some of these are spot on castings for a perfect British Hunger Games.

Just for a bit of fun, don’t you think Andy Serkis would make a fantastic Ceasar Flickerman?

See you tomorrow for BEDA No. 5!

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