BEDA #1 – Leave Brit TV Alone!

I am getting tired of having to explain why this is a bad idea. Why can’t American media companies understand that too much of a good thing is still too much?

In case you didn’t hear, today MTV announced they’re picking up “The Inbetweeners.” Apparently they learned nothing from the lack of “Skins (US)” success. I don’t get it. They’ve seen the formula fizzle and now they figure the third time is the charm? No sir. I won’t stand for it.

After misguided attempts by MTV Networks-owned VH1 to replicate “Buzzcocks”, and Showtime’s failed attempt at a “Shameless” clone, what makes them think they can capture the post-grad angst of cookie-cutter commuter workers in an English metropolis? I think you’ll find the last three non-cable network shows to try this failed in a spectacular fashion. If anyone can name one of the three, I’ll be impressed.

I think I know why you’re doing this MTV. I think I got it. You think that where you messed up with “Skins” was its already large pre-existing fanbase. You think that you had the right idea but all you need now is something just as unique but not as popular on American soil; another E4 comedy to excite both tweens and post-tweens who will lap it up and stay glued until they’re twenties.

Well, as if blaming you for the rise of Snooki and America’s new-found infatuation with teen pregnancy weren’t enough, now I can blame you for the loss of any future high-brow entertainment amongst young people.

And don’t you DARE touch “Misfits.”

Thus ends BEDA #1, the first of my “Blog Every Day in April”. I’ll be doing VEDA as well on my You Tube Channel and adding the unedited hilarities here. I hope you’re ready for some rants, raves, and waxing Anglophiliac.

I’m toying with starting all NBTB/Anglofiled videos with “Hey Philes and Philiacs.” Too much? Leave me your thoughts in the comments.

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